Aquarium & Pond BOYU UV Sterilizer Clarifier Filter + Lamp (18Watt)

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30.5 × 6 × 8.5 cm
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1 x Aquarium & Pond BOYU UV Sterilizer Clarifier Filter, 1x 18watt UV Lamp, 1x Set of Hose Fitting, Qty: 1, Size: 30.5cm x 6cm x 8.5cm


Brand: BOYU, Product: BOYU Aquarium & Pond UV Sterilizer Clarifier Filter + 18w Lamp, Power: 18w, Qty: 1 Size: 30.5cm x 6cm x 8.5cm

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This product made with quartz glass tube and water isolation. It is high transmittance and not affected by ultraviolet radiation. It has built in ballast, safe and reliable. It design with double light lamp, high ultraviolet intensity, wide range radiation and it is long life service. Adopted enclose design, helps sterilization effectively. Suitable for tropical and marine aquarium. The three-section interface can connected to three different specifications.


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