Aquasyncro Aquarium Canister Filter AE-60

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Weight 3.9 kg
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 33.6 cm
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1 x Aquasyncro Aquarium Canister Filter AE-60, 1x aquasyncro hose & adapter pack, 1 x wool pad, 1 x sponge pad, 2x Filter tray


Brand: Aquasyncro Product: Aquarium Canister Filter, Model: AE60, Power: 15w, QMAX: 600L/H, Qty:1, Size: 23cm x 23cm x 33.6cm

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Note: An Australia Standard adapter will be included for your convenience.

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Keeping the aquarium clean and healthy for live and aquatic species are extremely important. It provides the species natural needs and help the bacteria growth for healthy environment. Aquasyncro Aquarium Canister Filter AE60 is made with high quality parts and materials. It is a quiet and powerful filter. Its unique button designed to eliminate manual siphoning and quick start. It is convenience, highly reliable and powerful filtering pump ensures good performance and low power consumption. It contains two stages of mechanical, chemical and biological media baskets to maximise filtration capacity. This can improve water quality while reproduce beneficial nitrobacteria. Removable inlet and outlet combo design makes cleaning easy. Corrosion resistant ceramic shaft of the pump is suitable for both fresh and marine aquarium. This model is ideally for 75 liters to 100 liters aquarium.