Aquasyncro Aquarium HWM-4000 Wavemaker

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1 x Aquasyncro Aquarium HWM-4000 Wavemaker


Brand: Aquasyncro, Product: Aquarium wavemaker, Modle: HVM-4000, Freqency: 50/60Hz, Power: 6W, QMAX, 1000L/H, Recommend Tank Size: 60L -100L

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Note: The Magnet bases are designed for different glass thickness. Make sure the model you choose fit your aquarium. Hvm-2000 / 4000 is used for tanks with glass thickness less than 7mm. Hvm6000 is used for tanks with glass thickness less than 15 mm. An Australia Standard adapter will be included for your convenience.

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Aquasyncro Wave Maker creates wave in the aquarium to simulate the natural environment to help the growth of fish and the plant. Especially beneficial to corals in marine aquarium as the wave create food to corals.